slow down to speed up

There is not a whole lot to report right now but I think it is important to update everyone on a regular basis.  It looks like I have two groups ready to take the Stewards of Children program towards the end of this month!  I am very excited about both opportunties for a number of reasons not the least of which is getting the proverbial ball rolling.  Once I start and word goes from these people to others, more opportunities will open up.

My professional life is requiring my attention early this week but I will continue to work diligently on the overall plan for Voice Found.  Towards the end of this week I will have some more information to share.  I find it a bit frustrating that I can not do it all right now!  I want the website launched, materials ready, media campaign going and registered charity status granted.  It takes time though and I have learned that sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.  Enjoy the process and learn from it.  Stay in the NOW.

Insert deep cleansing breath here.  Oh ya.


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