Monthly Archives: October 2009


Saw this quote and it spoke to me.   I have sometimes felt that through my recovery and healing that I have been draining my friends or care providers with my needs.  This has reminded me that I am a gift. Every survivor gives something special to the world.

“Working with survivors of abuse offers professionals the opportunity to work with individuals who embody what it means to be courageous and resilient. It is an honour that also transforms the care provider… you will not look at the world the way you did before… it is a calling that comes with costs…”

— woman abuse counsellor


Giving Thanks

I have been negligent in posting over the past couple of weeks.  There are a number of major changes going on in my life at the moment.  Changes that are good but at times the process brings some painful things back up to the surface.  I needed to take care of myself and so have been doing just that.  Self care is something I neglected for most of my life and now that I understand its importance and my entitlement to it, I strive to continue the practice.  By tending to my needs and loving myself, I then give so much more to my loved ones and the world around me.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I am doing just that.  There is so much gratitude in my heart and each day I give thanks for so much.  Most are things that most anyone can relate too…. Sunshine warming my face, the sweet songs of birds, the feeling of a hug from a friend, a kind deed from a stranger, the gift of life.   There is however something that not everyone will understand and that is that I am thankful for what happened to me.  Not that I wish to give thanks for being abused but rather I give thanks for what it has revealed to me through my journey of healing.  I am thankful for the gift of self knowledge.  I am thankful for the many strong and amazing souls I have met and cried with.  I am thankful for the love that I have discovered in myself.   I am thankful for the poetry in my soul.  I am thankful for the beauty that lives in survivors.  I am thankful for my ability to heal.

There is a song of thanksgiving in my soul and its words and melody are bursting forth.    I am thankful.