Grey skies to blue


Found myself getting off track a bit the past few days.  A combination of financial stress, weather woes and humanness.   Today I feel as if I am slogging through very thick muck and despite the sunshine things are a tad grey.   Rather than beat myself up for being less than perfect I have accepted that there will be days like this.   Getting outside of my head and just doing my best to ‘BE’.

Got set to do a run through of the workshop materials the other day only to discover that the DVD I have is not compatible with any of my DVD players or my laptop.   Turns out that I could only get it to run on a computer with ‘Vista’ operating system.  Needless to say I have contacted the company to get a replacement.  Kind of messed up my plans but that’s okay.  Test runs are built for just that reason.

Have had some ideas and input from a few of my friends and I am grateful for their insight and creativity.  My challenge right now is to get what swims in my head and gut onto paper.  Perhaps it would be wise for me to get a small group of people together and do a brainstorming session.   I need help getting clarity and testing my ideas.   My tendency is to isolate at times and that is NOT a good thing to do right now.  Not when I am struggling with other things.  I need outward focus with like-minded people who have positive energy and passion.   I need that interaction with others to keep me from getting stuck in my head.

Hmmmm…since writing the above paragraph I feel better already!  Yup.  That is what I need to do.  Stay tuned.

Blue skies ahead!


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