I have to admit that I am disappointed to report that I still do not have the replacement DVD I need in order to conduct a ‘Stewards of Children’ workshop.   The reason I invested in this program was to raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse. I’ve had the training but am now in limbo.   I refuse to let this dampen my enthusiasm however and will perservere.  Next step is to go directly to the source rather than the organization where I did the training.

My professional life has been keeping me busy as I just landed a new contract.  I am thrilled and really enjoy the people and the work.  That said, I am not able to commit the time to Voice Found that I want to.  No worries though – the dream is there and I have a couple of people with similar visions who wish to speak with me.  Things will happen…just not able to put a firm date on anything yet.

My brain is scattered and tired which I am sure translates in my writing today.  My apologies but I do think that some news is better than none!  My friends have been so very supportive and I am most grateful.


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