Just a bit of a rant

This work we do is not for the faint of heart.  There is support by like-minded groups and individuals but these are the people that understand the issue of child sexual abuse.  They have a frame of reference.  They’ve been abused as a child or have witnessed the devastation first-hand.  They know how complex the relationship between an abuser and child can be.  That it takes much more than teaching a child about good touch vs bad touch.  They understand that children are not responsible for thwarting the cunning ways of the pedophile.  These are the people who understand what happens if a child does not disclose or are not believed if they do.  They know how to react to disclosure.  They know how to watch out for the children in their community.  These are the people who refuse to turn their heads away from this ugly topic and acknowledge that it is a HUGE and COMPLEX issue that warrants the attention of every single adult.

Sadly – these people are not enough.   We keep preaching to the choir.

What we need is a way to get all the others…the silent ones, the ‘it doesn’t affect me’ ones, the ‘it can’t be that bad’ ones to pay attention……to learn the facts….and then to take action.

If only.  If only I could drag every person to a workshop to learn about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

If only.

What a difference it would make for the children in our world.



One thought on “Just a bit of a rant

  1. Christine Adams. says:

    I have found in my own personal experiences that people want the subject to go away. It has taken me 53 years and several attempts throughout my life to finally realize that I am a beautiful person. I’ve heard the saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. I have so much strength and anger that I am ready to fight for the lives of our children. Thank you Cynthia and all the others that are fighting for us. I would like to get started and hope to hear from you soon, so I can educate myself and start helping ASAP.

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