Your Story

There have been a surge of child sexual abuse stories coming forward over the past couple of years.  Speaking tours are being booked and books are being written by survivors and this is good – very good.  It’s important that these stories are told and that we not continue to allow the silence that has long surrounded this topic.

There is also a bit of a dilemma with this.  The stories that get the attention are the stories of celebrities and people with the means to hire marketing and PR agencies to promote them.  I will not take away from this – and I think it is amazing and wonderful and I am grateful for their presence…but here is the dilemma – they are not ‘everybody’.

Lately I have had a number of people come to me to tell their stories.  I am always honoured when people feel comfortable sharing, sometimes for the first time, what happened to them as a child who was sexually abused.  The problem is that they feel that they are not victorious as they are not ‘super successful’ as defined by society.  They have managed to overcome incredible challenges and move on to live lives full of purpose and meaning.  They contribute to society in many ways and yet they do not feel they do enough …or are enough.

It is VITAL that every survivor of child sexual abuse not feel that their story is diminished in any way.  Each story has merit and is worthy of being heard, acknowledged and honoured.

I invite you to share your stories with me.  Whether it’s one page or hundreds.  Send them to  With your permission, I will publish them here in a special series.  You can use your name or ask that it be published anonymously.  If all you want to share is a sentence – that is fine too.  Whatever will help you to feel that you have been heard.

I look forward to hearing from you and honouring your story.


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