Monthly Archives: December 2009

We learn……

I came across this today and felt the need to share it.  We learn from each other.  Survivors learn from councellors and other survivors.  Survivors also teach.  We teach more than we realize.  We give.  Often the gifts we give are more precious than we can imagine.

“While it may be tempting to focus on how awful it is to be abused, it’s important to not lose sight of the reality that survivors are full human beings with many gifts and talents to offer the world. Some of the most sensitive, intuitive, deep, profound, creative, and hopeful people I’ve known are incest/child sexual abuse survivors. They were able to be that way by not losing touch with their humanity–their soulfulness–in the face of others’ inhumanity. We can all learn a great deal from survivors.” Kali Munro, M.Ed.


Time to get caught up

I must appologise for the delay in posting a blog.  There are so many wonderful things coming together and I can report on specifics soon.  I must admit that there are times I get frustrated at my inability to move things along faster.  It is at those times that I remind myself that each day there IS progress.  It may be small but it is forward movement.  Yes I would like a big hunk of money to have a place for survivors and to create education materials and support programs and and and and.  These things WILL come to pass.  It just takes time and belief.  Imagination and strength.  Courage and ability.  Support and encouragement.  Yes.  It WILL happen.