Victims to Heroes

Tonight I told my story of childhood sexual abuse on a live internet radio show.  I discussed the consequences of the abuse and how it affected my life.  How my perpetrator completely altered the course of my life.   I breathed deeply after the 1.5 hour show.  Relieved that it was over and feeling like I had made a small positive difference….that somehow I helped even one other survivor to know they are not alone on their healing journey.

That pause…that breath…was short lived

Almost immediately after the radio broadcast I learned that the  jury in the Jerry Sandusky case returned a guilty verdict.  You would think this news would have me jubilent and jumping for joy and yet I am not.  I find myself weeping.  My emotions are all over the place. Why?  Because there are no ‘winners’ really.  Sure, justice will be served.  Jerry Sandusky will serve the rest of his days behind bars but for the victims, there is no restitution that will give them back the childhood they deserved to live.

Let us never forget those men who came forward and bravely shared their stories.  They are to be applauded and supported as they begin to heal.  They have saved countless children by taking the witness stand and being made to live and relive the horrors of their abuse.

They are true heroes.


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