Volunteering with Voice Found – Facilitators Needed

Do you coach, teach, mentor, volunteer or care about children?   Are you saddened by the reports of childhood sexual abuse and feel compelled to DO something?  Looking for meaningful volunteer work?   Becoming a volunteer facilitator with Voice Found might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to make a real difference in your community.

One of the most powerful programs we offer is the childhood sexual abuse prevention workshop called ‘Stewards of Children’.  This 3 hour workshop educates adults and youth-serving organizations how to recognize and prevent children from being sexually abused.    This program is delivered to individuals and organizations by volunteer facilitators and is proven to be effective in changing child protective behaviours. (program evaluation methods and results are here>  Evidence and Efficacy of Stewards of Children Prevention Training)

What is the role of the facilitator?

The role of the workshop facilitator is one that is both demanding and rewarding.   As an authorized facilitator, you are an advocate for keeping children safe from sexual abuse and are key to spreading the prevention message on behalf of Voice Found.  You become a valued member of the Voice Found team and can expect to be treated as such.

What skills are required?

Facilitators model the core principals of Stewards of Children in the community by talking openly about child sexual abuse and engaging adults in the discussion. It takes courage and commitment to increase people’s knowledge and to change attitudes about child sexual abuse. While teaching or training experience is not required, you must feel comfortable speaking and presenting. Good presentation, listening, and communication skills are all critically important in being an effective facilitator.

In addition, you should consider how talking about this issue regularly and openly in public will affect you personally. It is difficult to hear personal stories of abuse. You must be prepared to be immersed in the topic without it having a negative or traumatic effect on you. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse this is an especially important consideration.

How Do I Become a Facilitator?

To become an Authorized Facilitator, you must attend a Facilitator Workshop.  The cost of the workshop is $350 (subsidies MAY be available) and includes:

  • 7.5 hours of instruction,
  • Instruction on the philosophy and purpose of the Stewards of Children curriculum, mastery of the training curriculum, preparation for and promoting the program, and facilitator policies and procedures.
  • All training materials including a Facilitator Manual, a Stewards of Children workbook, DVD, and 7 Steps booklet.
  • It is highly recommended that prior to attending a Facilitator Workshop, you first participate in a Stewards of Children training session or complete the online version.

We are based in Ottawa, Canada and are planning a facilitator workshop for June 2nd. 2012. 

NOTE-  Volunteers must prepare and meet the following criteria

  • All applicants must be in possession of a current (sited and dated within six months) Volunteer Police Intervention Check which can be obtained through your local police department. Please ensure that the Vulnerable Sector box found on the back of your Police Intervention Check is checked off as yes prior to submitting your application form to your local police department.

There is a cost associated with obtaining a Police Intervention Check. To qualify for the reduced rate provided to volunteers applicants can obtain a letter from the volunteer coordinator via info@voicefound.ca

If you live outside the city limits please contact your local RCMP to obtain a background check. The Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information. Check must also state the Vulnerable Sector check has been done.

  • Write a 100-500 word essay on why you want to volunteer for Voice Found or send us a short video
  • Provide us with a copy of your resume
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Want to become a facilitator?  Send a note to info (at) voicefound.ca and we will begin work on your application.

Consider joining us.  It is some of the most important work you will ever do.





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