From 1 to 10

I started Voice Found a number of years ago.  It’s been a dream and something I dabbled in as time would permit.  I really wanted to raise awareness- talk about a taboo subject and educate adults on prevention of childhood sexual abuse as well as offer hope to survivors.  Being a survivor myself – I struggled (and struggle) at times in my healing and I believe that sharing this with others helps them to know they are not alone.

So what’s with the ‘from 1 to 10’ title?

Well- Voice Found is no longer just ‘my dream’.  We are now a federally incorporated non profit with charitable status pending.  We are making a difference.  We have been training adults on how to prevent childhood sexual abuse through the Stewards of Children childhood sexual abuse prevention program.

Here’s where the 1 to 10 comes in.  I am the ONLY authorized facilitator for the prevention workshop.  We have over 150 adults who want to take the program in the next 6-8 weeks and that is the conservative number.  There are plans underway to train many, many more.  We also have a list 10 adults who want to be facilitators and we need to train them.  I hold a full time job and conduct workshops on weekends and evenings – or during vacation time.

Think of the reach that these 10 new facilitators would have.  They are from different regions of the province of Ontario.  If each of these train 10 people per month that’s 100 adults in YOUR community who know how to prevent the sexual abuse of children.  These adults are coaches, teachers, volunteers, parents, grandparents – organizations and individuals.

We need to pay for travel and expenses for a facilitator trainer to come to Ottawa from Charleston, NC to train these 10 facilitators.  The cost to train one facilitator is $350.00 which we want to subsidize as these are volunteer positions.

Please help us to grow and make a significant impact.   Our campaign ends in two days.  Every bit helps.  Click here to donate.

With gratitude,




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