Two years ago today

It’s the second anniversary of Voice Found.  My original intent with this blog was to provide my friends with some insight into my healing journey and my wild idea for a not for profit.  It felt so impossible to even begin and this blog was one step in making my dream real.

In my mind and on a wonderful page in a journal I keep, the vision of Voice Found has been sketched.  It is so very real to me.  I can picture myself in the house where the main office will be.  Every detail of that place is so clear…the way it smells, sounds, FEELS.  It is a vision so clear that I know for certain it will come to fruition.  It WILL happen.

There have been moments and sometimes months where I doubted I could do this.  At times it was fear of how I might appear to others if I did not have all the answers of the HOW.  Other times it was the reality of my personal and financial situation.  Unemployed, a marriage ending, struggling at times with my recovery.  What on earth made me think that I could make this GIGANTIC dream come true?  People like to remind you of negatives – charitable giving is down, funding and grants are nearly impossible to receive, you’re going through to much and can’t manage this too.  I’ll admit that a few times I let those negatives take over and for a while I seriously considered abandoning the whole thing.  Another ‘dream’ squashed.

Here I am two years into this and I have learned some really important things:

  • I do not need to know the HOW.
  • Steps backward and steps forward are all valuable. It may not be obvious at the time, but in time you look back and see that even the falls backward are to be embraced.
  • It’s okay to take a break and take care of yourself.  If you don’t, you will not reach the pinnacle.
  • Every single action and thought towards making this dream come true needs to be one of love.  It is only by intentionally loving it that I will create a loving place with loving and healing energy.  There is no room for negative energy in this place.
  • Keep an open mind and an open heart.  This can be difficult when people hurt you, and yes, some people DID hurt me badly in this venture.  I can not let that close me off from others.
  • I have amazing people in my life.  Friends and strangers alike who have supported me in so many ways.  Even when it appears nothing is happening, they still believe in me.  The best of friends who just ‘know’ when I need a reminder of how worthy I am and more importantly, how important this cause is.

So where is Voice Found at right now?  Well we have a founding board of directors, paperwork has been filed for us to be incorporated, charitable status papers filed, a couple of workshops delivered and some funds for materials has been raised.  This blog gets some hits.  Stories and comments that others have shared have inspired and fueled me at times when I thought my words were not reaching anyone.  We are helping people.  Facebook and Twitter efforts are raising awareness of the issue of childhood sexual abuse and the lasting impact it leaves on individuals and communities.   What’s next?  I think I’ll leave that as a surprise at the moment.  Board meets next week and we will decide together.  We are a team now:)  I don’t have to go it alone anymore.

Happy two year anniversary to Voice Found!

About Voice Found:

Voice Found is a community of people speaking out to PREVENT Childhood Sexual Abuse and help heal, support and empower adult survivors.

Mission:  To reduce the socio-economic impact of childhood sexual abuse on individuals and communities.
We will accomplish this through:
• Empowering individuals to recognize, react and respond appropriately to childhood sexual abuse through the award winning ‘Stewards of Children’ program..
• Identifying and providing resources to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
• Providing programs for survivors and those in their circle of care

You can ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook – page here:

2 thoughts on “Two years ago today

  1. Alex Vorobej says:

    Wow! Has it really been two years? Congrats!! Your determination and wisdom has kept the dream alive. So much has been accomplished, still much to do, but with your guidance, I am certain that Voice Found will take a prominent place in the fight against Childhood Sexual Abuse. You are an inspiration and a wonderful woman.

    Thank you for Hanging in there!!

    • Cynthia says:

      Thanks so much for the comment Alex. I appreciate all your support and belief in my abilities. You’ve held me up through some pretty dark times and your support is appreciated.

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