whatever gets me through the night..day..year

How does a person cope with the fact that they have been sexually abused as a child?  What do they DO to get through the day…the year…a lifetime?   When a childhood is stolen and trust is shattered, how can someone go on to have a happy, healthy, whole and productive life?

There are some coping behaviours that are seen as ‘healthy’ and ‘good’.  Witnessing a young girl who prides herself in being ‘perfect’ and striving to  overacheive is socially acceptable.  After all – this is the girl who excels in school, takes care of siblings and is a great friend to others.  She’s easy to like.  She’s coping in a socially acceptable manner.   This does not mean that she hurts less.   The fact is, she  hurts just as much as the girl who chooses promiscuity, drugs and alchohol as a way of coping.

This is the introduction to a series of posts where I’ll discuss some of the coping strategies that survivors employ.  I hope that by reading them you will get to understand how much guilt a survivor carries from the very thing that helped to get them through each day.   If you are a survivor, I hope the reading of them will help you to HONOUR yourself and what you did to survive.

One of the many beautiful gifts we are given as human beings is the ability to choose.  We can choose to continue with destructive ways of coping OR we can choose behaviours that are healthy and that lift us.  We can choose to move from survivor to that of a THRIVER.

Minimizing. Splitting. Denying. Forgetting. Isolating. Self-mutilation. Busyness. Addiction. Lying. Stealing. Compulsiveness.





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