I’ve been spending time reflecting on how many wonderful people are entering into my life.  How many beautiful souls surround me with their friendship and love.  How many gifts I have been given.  There have been times when I question what I give in return.  Are my moments of sadness or panic draining my friends?   Are the moments when my 5 year old self wants to play exhausting to others?  Do I give enough?  Is who I am enough?

“While it may be tempting to focus on how awful it is to be abused, it’s important to not lose sight of the reality that survivors are full human beings with many gifts and talents to offer the world. Some of the most sensitive, intuitive, deep, profound, creative, and hopeful people I’ve known are incest/child sexual abuse survivors. They were able to be that way by not losing touch with their humanity–their soulfulness–in the face of others’ inhumanity. We can all learn a great deal from survivors.” Kali Munro, M.Ed.

Survivors teach and give more than we realize.   Often the gifts we give are more precious than we can imagine. Every survivor gives something special to the world.

“Working with survivors of abuse offers professionals the opportunity to work with individuals who embody what it means to be courageous and resilient. It is an honour that also transforms the care provider… you will not look at the world the way you did before… it is a calling that comes with costs…”— woman abuse counsellor

I’m grateful to have people in my life who accept the gifts I offer.


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