Thanksgiving- repost

Some things are worth repeating and so is the case with this post.  It is Thanksgiving Monday and I am thankful.  One year after this original post and I am grateful for the gifts of this journey.  I wish you all strength, love and courage to speak.

Giving Thanks

October 12, 2009
by cyncee

I have been negligent in posting over the past couple of weeks.  There are a number of major changes going on in my life at the moment.  Changes that are good but at times the process brings some painful things back up to the surface.  I needed to take care of myself and so have been doing just that.  Self care is something I neglected for most of my life and now that I understand its importance and my entitlement to it, I strive to continue the practice.  By tending to my needs and loving myself, I then give so much more to my loved ones and the world around me.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I am doing just that.  There is so much gratitude in my heart and each day I give thanks for so much.  Most are things that most anyone can relate too…. Sunshine warming my face, the sweet songs of birds, the feeling of a hug from a friend, a kind deed from a stranger, the gift of life.   There is however something that not everyone will understand and that is that I am thankful for what happened to me.  Not that I wish to give thanks for being abused but rather I give thanks for what it has revealed to me through my journey of healing.  I am thankful for the gift of self knowledge.  I am thankful for the many strong and amazing souls I have met and cried with.  I am thankful for the love that I have discovered in myself.   I am thankful for the poetry in my soul.  I am thankful for the beauty that lives in survivors.  I am thankful for my ability to heal.

There is a song of thanksgiving in my soul and its words and melody are bursting forth.    I am thankful.



One thought on “Thanksgiving- repost

  1. Hope you are having a glorious Canadian Thanksgiving. I can so relate to being grateful for the abuse that has happened to you. I am grateful for who I am today. The strength, courage and compassion that I have today all are parts of who I am because of the incest that I experienced as a child.

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