perfect? hell no!

I have been working and so not blogging much.  A new client/contract for me and so the first couple of weeks are always intense.  Now that I have settled in to it  a bit – I am back 🙂  This does not mean that Voice Found took a break cause nothing could be further from the truth.  At this very moment someone is designing our logo.   Our bylaws and constitution are being written, a partnership has been formed and a website will be launched in fairly short order!

There is so much to be grateful for and I am.  A host of people are supporting the effort and I am no longer afraid to make a mistake.  I make plenty.  I am okay with that because I learn from them.  At least I am moving forward.  Waiting till everything is perfect is not an option.  It will never be perfect.  Kind of like me.  I will never be perfect.  Perfect is overrated!  We are all instead beautiful works in progress.

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