A tweet from someone I follow stated that they are working on a program called  ‘The Character of Success’ and the first module is about the ‘courage to live your dream’.  He wanted to know if this resonated with anyone.  Naturally I responded that it has been how I have lived my LIFE.

Voice Found is the manifestation of a dream.  A dream to help heal individuals and communities  from the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse.  It takes an amazing amount of courage to share the dream and to see it become reality.  People don’t want to talk about children being sexually abused.  They don’t want to face the fact that it is rarely a stranger that is the perpetrator but rather a family member or trusted friend.  It takes courage to dive into the unknown and create a not for profit.  A whole lot of people want to try and tell you a million reasons why you can’t.  (HA!- just watch us!) It takes courage to face the sometimes negative thoughts that come from others.  It takes courage to keep going when you don’t have large reserves of money to do all the things you know you NEED to do.  It takes courage to ASK for help to make the dream come true.  It takes courage to continue your own healing journey in a public forum.

We are all of us courageous for having moved from victim to survivor.

Courage.  Ya…I got me some of that!


2 thoughts on “courage

  1. Thanks for sharing your courage and your dream. The more of us who share that dream, the easier it will become for future generations of children to be safe from harm.

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