A New Year- An expanded vision

When I first started dreaming about ‘Voice Found’ it was as a result of a very real, very personal experience.   You can read about it under the tab entitled ‘My Dream’.  As my journey has continued this vision has expanded.   I began working from what I KNEW and from where I felt comfortable.  It was good to do so.  I needed the time to explore, research and simply let the dream happen.  New colours, new textures, new experiences and meeting new people have all helped to make the dream a reality and the vision to crystalize.   Over the course of 2009 I met with someone who shared my dream and together we have continued to create and work towards something that will truly make a difference in the lives of CSA survivors and in turn,  our communities.  The last month of 2009 has seen us grow to a 4 member team.  We have  expanded our vision.

Voice Found is a charitable organization (application pending) with a mission to help heal individuals and communities from childhood sexual abuse.  To achieve this,  we have developed an approach that includes prevention, awareness, healing, research and education.

As a starting point, Voice Found has adopted the Stewards of Children education program designed by Darkness to Light. (http://www.darkness2light.org/) The program educates adults in how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse  and motivates them to action . It is our on-going vision to develop additional programs with Canadian content  to better serve  our  communities.

There is more, much more and we will share the news with you on our new website.  We are planning to have it ready to launch by mid February.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support.  A single fleeting thought became a dream.  I tucked the dream away for a while thinking it was not within my reach.  I grew.  I continued healing.  I allowed the dream to visit again…and again…and again.  Now that dream is really coming true.  I have found my voice.


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