Saw this quote and it spoke to me.   I have sometimes felt that through my recovery and healing that I have been draining my friends or care providers with my needs.  This has reminded me that I am a gift. Every survivor gives something special to the world.

“Working with survivors of abuse offers professionals the opportunity to work with individuals who embody what it means to be courageous and resilient. It is an honour that also transforms the care provider… you will not look at the world the way you did before… it is a calling that comes with costs…”

— woman abuse counsellor


3 thoughts on “Quote

  1. alex vorobej says:

    So true! : )

  2. Diana says:

    The practise of Tonglin; Breathing in what is to be healed or transformed through your heart and beyond to the heart of the absolute.
    Then, on the exhale, you breathe the healing or transformation from the heart beyond yourself through your own heart to others.

    This variation of tonglin practice is a way for us to say to each other: “I AM HERE TO FACILITATE YOUR HEALING AND I WELCOME ALL HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME IN MY HEALING.”

    love & light Cincee

    • cyncee says:

      Thanks Di for sharing this. It is about what lies beyond – the heart beyond ourselves…the heart of the absolute. The reason we need to connect with ourselves and connect BEYOND ourselves. Sometimes it is easy to forget that our energy transcends and lives in other realms.

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