Fear of the dentist

A lot of people are afraid of going to the dentist.  Needles and pain are usually the most common reasons cited.  For someone who has experienced CSA, the fear is often debilitating.  Many will avoid going and this causes them to have very serious issues with their dental health.

For me it has been the fear of upsetting my dentist.  He is in a position of power over me as I sit in that chair and they begin to recline it.  I fear he will be upset with me.  The whole experience is so terrifying that I put it off for years and then go and am scolded by the hygienist for not keeping up with regular appointments…and then the dentist has something to say about how I have now made things worse by leaving a relatively simple problem for too long causing it to become a major problem.  I often find myself in tears when I am in the chair.  It is so embarrassing and they must wonder what the f**k is up with me.

I also can not handle the anesthetic as my already over- alert body reacts with the epinephrine triggering panic attacks.  There have been a number of times where procedures have been halted for up to half an hour.  During this time I go from bad to worse as I struggle to bring myself under control.  It adds to my embarrassment and I scold myself for causing trouble at the dentists office.

I found a great article here that I wish to share.  As I read it, I found myself shaking my head in agreement.

Now I must communicate these things to my dentists office and spread the word to other offices. I’m sure that health care professionals will respond to suggestions and information provided by their patients…but they need to know what the problem is and HOW to help.

I will empower myself and share the information with my dentist. After all – I deserve to have nice teeth too!


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