scary step

I just added the link to this blog from my professional profile on LinkedIn.  Most of my friends know about my journey and my work creating Voice Found and are very supportive.  Putting this on my professional profile – well that is a scary step.

I’m okay with scary.  I need to build this organization and to do that I need to continue to take risks and face fear.  Hell – I’ve been through worse!

So- to any new readers…look under the ‘my dream’ tab.  I’m willing to share mine – how about you? Is there something you are passionate about? A dream that you want to make a reality?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear your stories.  And if yours is similar to mine – maybe we can work together!  I need to put together a board of directors…and a website…and translate my handwritten ideas to graphics…and so on and so on.

Scary is fun!  🙂


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