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The article below sadly highlights common themes of  childhood sexual abuse:

1)  Stolen childhood memories and innocence

“What were once my memories of childhood and adolescence are now his. What should have been some of the happiest, most freeing memories, he holds hostage,”

2) Perpetrator is a trusted friend or family member.

“…..serious breach of trust as someone close to the family of the victims. In several instances, Polowin said the sexual touching occurred when the father or other family members of the victims were in the next room.”

3) A taboo subject that no one wants to talk about.

“The victim added that in her family and culture, she was “just a girl,” and had since had female relatives look at her in disgust and refuse to shake her hand, “not because I had been abused, but because I spoke it.” Neither her mother nor her father attended the sentencing hearing.”

I am upset about this.  These women were so brave to come forward and to go through a court system that forgets that these are living, breathing, feeling victims who have lived the experience.   Facts, litigation…all important and have their place and are integral to the justice system however let us not ever forget the  HUMAN aspect



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