Colourful Dreams Coming True

It’s official.  Dreams really do come true.  I met with my new friend and partner Jen this past Friday and we are making great progress.  We spent a lovely afternoon outside in my garden with pens, paper and some paints:)  Our mission?  To focus our vision, create a mission statement for Voice Found and begin to lay down the plans to get from here to there.  Jen is a really talented marketing professional and our working styles compliment each other.  I especially appreciated her capacity for listening to my sometimes poorly expressed thoughts and translating them to complete sentences.  We understand each other.   There was a comfortable sharing of ideas with no hesitation.  I love the creative process.  I love throwing things out all willy-nilly and watching them take shape without force.

Jen and I have plans to meet again this week.  Between now and next Friday we will have our mission statement complete and paperwork ready to submit to begin the charity status registration process.  We have a graphic artist on board to help design our website.  We have a list of targets for workshops and partnering opportunities.  We have a whole lot of great ideas that are being put into plans so that we can take action.

We have many things to do and the energy and desire to do them.  Oh ya.  We are rocking!  We are women with vision who know how to take action.  What drives us?  Well it sure isn’t a paycheck.  We are working for the love of it.  We are working to make a difference.  We are working to give hope to other women who have suffered from the horrendous effects of childhood sexual abuse.  Oh- and the paints I mentioned?  We have found the colour palette to use for our branding.  I can tell you this much – they are vibrant, rich, ALIVE!!!  Just like us 🙂


One thought on “Colourful Dreams Coming True

  1. Rob Rose says:

    Excellent news and congratulations!

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