been there…done that….got the tshirt…


Had a wonderful conversation with a new friend today and we were discussing our vision for Voice Found.  One of the things that is really important for us is to focus our intention on the present and the positive things that healing brings.  Celebrating life…looking at the wonderful stories women who have moved on from trauma and being victims to feeling empowered and moving forward.  This does not negate the past.  It does not make the experience disappear but it provides the focus on living.    Really and truly living.

This may sound strange to some but I am grateful for what the abuse has brought me.  I am grateful for the lessons I have learned through healing.   It is a part of who I am.  It does not define me but rather it has contributed to shaping me.  While not all parts are great, they are parts of who I am.   And who I am is a wonderful human being.

This new friend of mine has agreed to work with me to bring ‘Voice Found’ from vision to reality.  She read some of what I had written and decided she needed to meet me.  I’m so glad she made the connections through a mutual friend and reached out.  She is a vibrant, intelligent and compassionate woman who has a common vision.   To help other women heal and celebrate the lives they are meant to live.  We both agreed that digging through the past is important but that is not where we want to focus our intention…’been there….done that…got the tshirt’…….NEXT!

Voice found is about what comes next.  Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.



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