Making it happen

Today I will begin working on fine tuning the mission and vision for ‘Voice Found’.  I’m moving forward to create a registered charity and am very excited!   I’ve had a few moments of doubt but a conversation yesterday with my ‘life coach’  helped me to get ‘unstuck’.   I am learning SO much through this experience and am most grateful for all the lessons.

I am really looking forward to delivering my first few workshops and hope that it happens soon.   There is so much need and the sooner we create a community of people who are better equipped to identify and respond to childhood sexual abuse – the better.  If even one child is helped, that is success.

And so – despite the occasional moment of self-doubt and fear – the charity ‘Voice Found’ will become a reality.  I will continue to surround myself with others who believe strongly in this cause.  I will continue to knock down barriers or at least leap over them.

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