One more sleep!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Just one more sleep and then it’s off to Edmonton, Alberta.  Fortunately it looks like the weather will be fine for flying which makes me very happy indeed.  Flight lifts off at 2:10 pm. est and I arrive in Edmonton at about 6 pm local time.

Got over my fear of taking tests!  Seriously.  I was so stressed out about taking the test for the online workshop but as it turned out I had nothing to fear.  Scored 100% 🙂  (it was pretty easy and multiple choice).  Got a certificate which made me very happy.  I like stuff like that.  Kind of like a ‘grown up kids’ gold star! (note to self – buy a pack of gold stars.)  Now that I have successfully completed the Stewards of Children course, I feel good about going to learn how to facilitate it!

I have been blown away by the generosity of people and it will take me a while yet to process it all.  The fundraising efforts have been wildly successful and as of today I have raised more than my original goal of $1,000.00.  This means that I will not have to be too concerned about the transportation costs in Edmonton.  Getting to and from the airport and around town will be a bit easier now as I can take a few taxi’s rather than rely on public transportation.  Probably a good thing since I am the kind of person who gets on the bus that is heading in the opposite direction of where I need to go.  Ya.   My luck I’d end up in Jasper. (hear it’s beautiful there and it is on my list of places to see…another time)

I am teary.  I am excited.  I am determined and scared and ready to face what comes my way.

One more sleep!  Think I will?

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