Moving through discomfort

Childhood sexual abuse.  The very words cause people to cringe.  It is vile.  Disgusting.  Horrific and unbelieveable.  Often there are no visible scars.    People know it is ‘out there’ but no one really wants to talk about it.  I don’t really want to talk about it…but I MUST.

I am intimately aware of the impact childhood sexual abuse has on its victims.  I am a survivor.  Talking about this is not easy and I know it makes others as uncomfortable as it makes me.  That said, I am willing to move through my discomfort to bring a message of HOPE.  My own story now has moved from ‘victim’ to beyond being a ‘survivor’…..I am a fully engaged, whole, healthy and vibrant woman.  I am NOT my abuse.

On the tab labeled ‘My Dream’ you will find a bit of information about my long term goal.  More immediate is my upcoming trip to Edmonton to participate in a workshop where I will become a facilitator for the ‘Stewards of Children’ program.  This program was developed by a US organization called Darkness to Light and the program has been picked up in Canada by Little Warriors.

“Stewards of Children is a revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, and motivates them to courageous action. The Stewards of Children program is designed for organizations that serve children and youth, and any/all adults interested in protecting children.”

Aside from the discomfort of this topic, there is another level of discomfort that I am overcoming and that is asking for help.  I am currently unemployed and so having to raise funds to make this trip possible.  In only a few short days my generous friends and supporters have contributed $400.00 towards my goal or $1,000.00.  I am most grateful for these gifts.

Any readers who wish to help, please let me know.  Positive and loving energy is very welcome.


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