Flying by the seat…….

WOW!  Is it wrong to be having so much fun?  Seriously.   It has been a long time since I have been so completely immersed in a project and I am loving every moment…..even the frustrating ones. (more about that later).

It used to be that I needed to make sure everything was perfect before I would share my work with others.  I worried that I would be judged, ridiculed, embarrassed. I would look at others and see how beautifully polished their plans were and how neatly they had every detail mapped out on fancy flow charts and visio drawings.  In other words, I got in my own way.  Not always.  Every so often I would have such a driving passion to make a difference that I would simply proceed.  My goal would be crystal clear in my mind.  I could see the end result, feel it, taste it, imagine it…and nothing would stand in my way.  My enthusiasm would be palatable and others were so attracted to this energy that I found things just fell into place.  Ideas would flow freely.  Creative synapsis firing on all cylinders.  When I hit this zone, and with the positive energy from my supporters, anything is possible.  (Cue James Brown ……..” I FEEL GOOD!”)   I am in that zone with this project.  We are going to make this happen!

Today I sorted out the whole PayPal experience.  It was a tad frustrating as I had to call the helpline and go through the whole – ‘talk to the computer person who asks you to repeat your request ten times’ routine.  Finally I simply said GET ME A LIVE AGENT please.  (being Canadian requires that I say please and thank you after every request).  Now I have my PayPal account all sorted out and I even have some donations in there!

In other ‘things done’ news – hotel rooms booked, $250.00 raised today, website in progress, logo concept designed (that was a 4:00 am ‘ah ha’ moment).

Here I go…flying by the seat of my pants…clear vision ahead…exciting and rewarding journey along the way!


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