11 Days to go!

In only a few short days I have managed to accomplish quite a bit.  In order to acheive my dream goal there are a number of magnificent steps along the way.  The first major milestone will be getting on the plane February 11th on my way to Edmonton.  Why Edmonton?  Well it certainly is not for the weather…not in February.  I don’t have any friends or family there…so it’s not for a relaxing visit.  Wayne Gretzky left a number of years ago and so it is not a ‘crazed hockey fan’ trip.  My reason for going to Edmonton is to become a facilitator for the ‘Stewards of Children’ program.  This is a sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, and motivates them to courageous action.

I have been unemployed for 2.5 years and so money is tight but I can no longer wait for the perfect time.  There will never be a perfect time.  That time is now.  The call to me is so very strong and powerful and the need is great.  I’m just going to make this happen.

There have been a number of accomplishments over the past few days…

  1. Facebook group created and in just 2 days have 59 members
  2. Paypal account opened so I can accept donations
  3. $100.00 raised towards my $1,000.00 goal
  4. Meeting with founder of group in Edmonton has been arranged
  5. Prework paid for and downloaded
  6. Flights to and from Edmonton booked and paid for
  7. A generous offer from a friend to sell her photos with proceeds going directly to this cause
  8. New friends made and support expressed

I have to admit that this is a bit overwhelming at times but it is also a whole lot of fun.  I am learning so much as I go…things like how to start a registered charity…how the whole paypal thing works…..website design.  A whole lot of little things.  The biggest learning for me though is something so very precious.  A magnificent gift. The gift of asking  for what I need and allowing myself to receive good things.

‘If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.’  ~ John Maxwell


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